Quality Check

Quality Check xpress_admin May 10, 2022

Once we are done with reasearch and brainstorming, its time to conver our ideas into reality.

We need to make sure that the design we produced is best for the industry and our client and their end-users experience. So we do check the design in all possible parameters and with group discussion. Internal feedback help us improvise the design much better.

So as we are done with our initial logo design draft, it’s time to make sure we did everything right, we go through the design input once again and check if everything is ok, if anything is found, we do work before sending it to the client. To avoid any spelling error, we do check this each time, even if it may be a few words, we don’t take any chance, we do this not just for logo design but for each and every single job we do in the graphics design segment.

In Quality check, we ask our group of designers below question to go through hard process to make sure the design is best for our clients and for their business. 

Appropriate means that the logo is relevant in form and concept to the client and its industry. For example: If you’re designing for a fashion brand, then the logo needs to be elegant, but if you’re designing for a sports brand, then the logo probably needs to be bold and dynamic.

Simple means that a logo has to be focused on a single story and in most cases it must be uncomplicated in form. A logo must be simple so it can work effectively and flexibly in a wide range of sizes and media e.g. in small sizes on a business card, and in big sizes such as signage.

The last step was DESIGNING, In case you want to check back.

The next step is PRESENTATION let’s check that out too.