Project Research

The initial step where we to find all the related information about the client’s company and its product or service.

The first thing is first, to know what exactly our clients requirements, we go through the input/brief provided by the client which will help us focus on the how final outcome should be.

This is essential to understand the industry in order to explain the product or service related to the brand in order to create best up market logo for our client and end users.

When it comes to understanding market needs, we must look out who our competitors are and what best they are doing, so we can come up with better ideas to compete.

When we go deep into understanding the brand, understanding the target audience helps us to make the logo more focused according to, to the location or age group, or gender.

While we do research for all of the above parameters, we make a list of related keywords which will help us in brainstorming steps to see what element or icon, or style would be good for the respective logo’s design.

Step number 2 is BRAINSTORM, let’s check that out too.