Designing xpress_admin May 10, 2022

Once we are done with reasearch and brainstorming, its time to conver our ideas into reality.

As we are ready with the concept for our logo design, its time to do vector from sketch and the refine, our brainstorm process already helped us much to be sure what exactly we need to do. In this step, we are using computer graphics tools such as Adobe Illustrator to work.

Keeping in mind all the important points from research and Brainstorming, we will go through lots of fonts and choose some of the best which should be perfect for the respective brand, for example, if we are doing a logo for a baby cloth business, we will make sure to choose a font which is some how to express care, somewhat childish, etc.

Same as fonts, each color has to say something, it expresses a different kind of feeling so we must choose the right color combination according to our target audience.

So we are done with vectorization, font selection, and color combinations, it’s time to play with a different kind of final work such as placement, size, etc to give perfect design for the logo.

The last step was BRAINSTORM, In case you want to check back.

The next step is QUALITY CHECK, let’s check that out too.