Brainstorm xpress_admin May 9, 2022

Brainstorming is method design teams use to generate ideas to solve clearly defined design problems.

Making a mind map is a deeply creative process. As you think through your logo ideas and put each one in place on your mind map, you’ll also be organizing your thoughts – and you may even realize things about your company that you didn’t realize before. In truth, your map can include anything that you think is important and relevant to your company. It should be as thorough a representation of what you think and feel about your company as possible.

With the help of research so far, let’s finalize what logotype should we do, we have serval different options for the same. We decide this according to customer requirements, industry standards, and most importantly who is our final target audience.

Comes to decide in which parameters our logo should be, this section helps a lot to focus on specific things while creating a logo. For example, if one parameter says that the logo should be more feminine than muscular, we will know what is necessary to do to make it.

Playful designs show life is all about fun! Excellent for brands that have bright spirits and convey optimism that should all the lives of everyone.


These designs suit brands that wish to convey intelligence and have simple and elegant lines that show an obsession with perfection.

Designs from mature audiences uphold an image of enduring reliability and resilience. It helps when looking to form long-term relationships.

Youth inspires energy in people and brings optimism to life. Youthful styles are full of hope while generating a sense of excitement.

Classic design inspires a sense of elegance, one craftsmanship and timelessness with an aesthetic that has proven itself over the years.


Modern designs are what’s cool today. Let’s show the brand with current with a contemporary design with market current trends.

These designs follow the rules of mathematics and suit brands that wish to project accuracy, precision, and of course an order.

These designs are characterized by flowing lines, smooth edges, and often deliberate imperfection which represents growth & change.

Feminine designs create a sense of calm and use a gentle, graceful style often paired with soft color palettes. Excellent for brands that exert feelings of refinement and modesty.


These designs always have a great sense of utility and often use dark and bold colors. Great for brands that wish to promote leadership and look ahead to the future.

These designs are excellent for brands whose products or services are diverse and complex. It infuses layers of meaning into an image, making yours a memorable, conversation-starting logo.

These designs communicate directly to people what you offer and are super effective at getting their attention when they’re looking for something in particular.

Economical design is casual and unprecious, open and friendly. Typically, great for brands that save people or money.


These designs indicate extravagance and indulgent quality for affluent customers. Brands must ensure to live up to expectations are set.

So as of now, we are mostly ready with our basic input which we need to proceed with the logo sketch, we will start with the keywords we had and keep Logotype and Logo look and feel in mind, let’s do some sketches to get going.

The last step was PROJECT RESEARCH, In case you want to check back.

The next step is DESIGNING, let’s check that out too.